Finding the best job for me to work from home.

Finding the best job for me to work from home.
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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am here to tell you why I chose to work from home and what it means to me. Before I was thinking about working from home I had just graduated from Ultimate Medical Academy in 2018 which I got my Medical Administrative Assistant in Associate’s Degree.

I’m so proud of myself because I have accomplished something that I never imagined myself doing because I had my family tell me that I was a mistake and that I would never be anything important when I grew up well guess I did mean something now I have a high school diploma and associates degree in college and it took me a while before I found me a job, and then I started working at this Clinic in Wellston Oklahoma and I was a patient scheduler and then within three months I became a Patient Referral Specialist.

I was working 40 hours from 9-5 and got paid every other Friday and I would also get overtime at times but didn’t get paid for the hours that I worked when it was overtime. I didn’t think that was fair on myself and then on October 18, 2019 everyone and myself was laid off from work because of the Clinic not doing so good and I would have been there almost a year on January 9, 2020.

I had to file for unemployment and now I only get $ 188.00 every week and that is not paying my bills so I kept applying for different jobs and had two interviews and never heard back from them so I saw on about working at home with Remote Flexible Jobs and I paid the one time fee of $99.00

I started working and I have really enjoyed working from home because it gives me time with my family and friends and I can work my own hours which I work from 8 am to 5 pm and my supervisor is really nice and she lets me know what I need to do and gives me a lot of helpful information and I don’t have to worry about morning traffic and can work from my home in my office where it is nice and quiet and I can get my work done and know that it also helps a lot of other people who are trying to find jobs who have been trying and not getting hired on so that’s why I enjoy working from home and working online with Remote Flexible Jobs they have really made a difference in a lot of people’s lives and I am one those people I have been working with RFJ for a month now and I am really enjoying it.

I know that working from home has been the best chose I have ever made and I am glad that I get to help others find jobs working from home with RFJ and I would like to say thank you all for giving me the opportunities to be a part of RFJ we are here to make a difference in others lives.  

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