Why I’ve decided to transition from working in corporate America to working from home?

Why I’ve decided to transition from working in corporate America to working from home?
February 26, 2020 No Comments admin

I spent the last two decades bouncing between the innumerous tasks of my clerical position and the endless tasks of a mother of three. I worked for almost 30 years on the 9-5 office shift, and constantly over 8 hours a day. Like several Administrative Workers out there, I used to take work home to finish.

It was very hard and often frustrating not being able to attend some important events in my boys’ lives or being extremely exhausted at the end of the day when they needed that special time with their mom. Also hard was the pressure of having to get things done and the realization that it was not possible to enjoy some quiet relaxing time with my husband and/or by myself.

As much as I look back and try to convince myself that I did my best, the feeling that something was missing is inevitable. My youngest boy turned 13 and I realized that it was not too late to try things in a different way. I love to work, I need financial help, and I love to be a mother and housewife.

How could I take advantage of both worlds without the frustration of not accomplishing either very well? Working from home, for a company that gives me the freedom to deliver as much as I can, during the hours I am available and willing to work seemed to be the answer. I have just started my first remote job with https://remoteflexiblejobs.com and I am very excited to deal with a flexible schedule, which includes evenings and weekends but also gives me the possibility to choose my priorities throughout the day.

I brought my diligence, sense of responsibility, commitment, and organization skills to the home office, but at the same time, I have been learning how to better manage daily tasks, dedicating hours to my family and myself.

Working from home is also great because I don’t have to deal with the unexpected traffic delays!! It is true that one must be very disciplined to be able to work remotely and with a flexible schedule. It is great to combine work, freedom, and flexibility, but it is important to perform your best as a professional. The comfort of a home office and the flexibility can be villains and distractions to a procrastinator!

I am ready to be challenged and to be valuable to the company. I hope to stay on this new path, being committed to hard work and dedicating time to myself and my family as well. So far, I really enjoy working from home!

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