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Thank you for your interest in becoming a valuable lifetime member of Remote Flexible Jobs.  By joining our remote job network you will receive unlimited lifetime access to our pre-screened work-from-home employer part-time and full-time job positions.

Whether you’re searching for remote, telecommuting, online, or work-from-home opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

With our 100% job success rate, our main focus is to help everyone succeed at finding a remote job at home.

Steps to get started!

1. – Please select the work-at-home job bank network option that best matches your background skill level to expedite your success in finding the perfect remote job today.

2. – Please email your resume to with your skills and qualifications.

3. – After you join us please check your spam/bulk email for our getting start email correspondences that will include your job bank portal network link.

You will be able to Apply, Browse, and GET HIRED with our All-One-Virtual Job Market Work Place!


Yes, this means you register to join our remote job bank portal selections with us for a one-time minimal fee and for lifetime membership access.


$99.00 – Customer Service – Click to Buy Now

Basic requirements needed: Internet, computer, phone line, and headset you will be able to take incoming calls from the comfort of your own home.

We have a widespread employer base that hosts virtual call centers nationwide in the Hotel & Travel, Car Rental, Home Shopping Networks, Donations, Crusielines, Airport Ticketing, Merchandise Order Entry – Clothing, Shoe industries.


$99.00 – Clerical and Administrative – Click to Buy Now

If you are great with documentation such as Proofreading, Writing, Editing we list the top-paying work from home job positions available. We also expand our available remote job listings for Data Entry, Virtual Assistants, Secretarial Support and Typist.


$99.00 – Medical Coding – Click to Buy Now

We welcome anyone that is AAPC or AHIMA medical coding credential certified.

Recent graduates from an accredited program school, 2 – 5 + years experience with multi-specialty medical coding background skills.


$99.00 – Transcription – Click to Buy Now

*We offer Medical, Legal & General Transcription remote jobs.

  • Part-time, Full-time, and 24-hour flexible turnaround time schedules.

Pay ranges: $20 – $60 per audio hour transcribed for Legal and General.

Pay ranges: $15 – $30 per hour for Medical Transcription

You will need to have some knowledge on how to transcribe audio reports, great ear for listening, great grammar, spelling, typing, and the English language. Experience is a plus.


$119.00 – Professional / Executive – Click to Buy Now

Great for anyone that has working skills, certifications, license or a degree in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Advertising, Consulting, Recruiting, Teaching/Tutor, Researchers, Data Analyst and more…

  • Interpreter/translator
  • Web developer/designer
  • Tech support specialist


$229.00 – (RFJ All-In-One) Full Job Bank Access – Click to Buy Now

(Best Value Savings Offer!)

This remote job bank portal network is great if you have working skills in more than 1 selected job area that we offer.

You will receive unlimited lifetime access to our ALL work-at-home job bank portal networks such as the following areas:

Customer Service, Clerical/Administrative, Medical Coding, Transcription, and Professional work from home jobs.


Change your daily work commute to rolling out the bed each day.

Reap the royal benefits of working from home!

You automatically begin to save money on gasoline, clothing, daycare and food expenses.

Why sit in traffic every day, when you can work from the comfort of your own home and earn income.


Just not safe to work outside the home anymore!

The world has really changed nowadays and with all the office politics and unknowingly bad situations that can happen anytime in a public office place your life is at risk much more every day you go to work.

The best place workplace is from the comfort of your own home with a safer environment.

Earn $15 to $60 per hr. which will depend on the job type and your work skills.

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Remote Flexible Jobs connects you with Fortune 500 companies ready to hire you so you can work from home.

Say No…… To Brick and Mortar! Say Yes……To Work From Home!

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Be in full control of your own destiny and work from home. You will be able to create your own flexible work schedule.  Set your own work hours and control when and where you work.

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