Remote Live Answering Service

Remote Live Answering Service

Welcome to RFJ Remote-Live Answering Services.  Our business is all about helping you manage all incoming calls while you attend to your daily business.  As our name implies, we are committed to answering your phone calls with care, compassion, efficiency, and professionalism.

We offer easy set-up and total coverage.  Friendly to your bottom line. For just a fraction of the price you might pay to hire a 9-to-5 receptionist to cover your phones, you can outsource your answering service needs to our virtual receptionist team and allow us to cover your calls every day, all day, all year long, including nights, weekends, holidays and even times of disaster such as hurricanes or blizzards.

We are at your service 100% and we never close!  

We cover all 50 states in the U.S. including Canada.

Do you need to step away for lunch breaks, go on vacation or are you simply busy with clients?

We are very delighted to handle your important private incoming calls 24/7 and you will NEVER MISS A CALL AGAIN!

We are the virtual live answering service that will keep you informed of all business and personal calls when you are away!


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Forward your calls to us…

A remote call forward system is a telephone feature that lets incoming calls to be forwarded to another local or remote telephone number without requiring any dialing. Remote call forward service ensures a local identity for your company without having your physical presence in a particular region. This kind of service enables small and medium business enterprises to gain potential markets in any region without having additional landlines, employees or branch offices.

In today’s economy and competitive market, internal resources can be strained. Traditional business services outsourcing is a common way to free up time, money and other precious resources. Use our live answering service, virtual receptionist and call center solutions to maximize your business opportunities and prepare for the unexpected. You pay only when we answer your calls, so you can be confident your client calls will be answered quickly and professionally. 

Looking for appointment scheduling, call center providers, catalog order taking, client care, message taking, order taking service, telephone answering service, or voicemail service?

We train for various reservation booking software for airport shuttles and limousine service companies.  We are very familiar with all calling software platforms to log reservation bookings including


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Remote Live Answering Service Rates

* $799.00 for extra-low call volume per month

(500 calls or less per month on average) –  CLICK TO BUY NOW

This will = 79.90 hrs. of available time.

The billable rate at $10.00 per hour

* $1,225.00  for low to medium call volume per month 

(501 – 1,000 calls per month on average) – CLICK TO BUY NOW

This will = 81.67 hrs. of available time.

The billable rate at $15.00 per hour

* $1,975.00 per month for high call volume per month 

(1,001 – 1,500 calls + month on average) CLICK TO BUY NOW

This will = 98.75 hrs. of available time.

The billable rate at $20.00 per hour

All remote answering services billable rates are based on a 30-day monthly cycle. Your account will be activated and set up within 24 hours of placing your order.

What do we offer?

** Quick Setup – Begin forwarding your calls within 24 hours

** No Account Setup Fee

** Use services as needed or ongoing each month

** Very easy signup registration application

** Downsize your office staff and save money each month and hire Remote-Live  Answering Service as your personal message taker or virtual receptionist

** We dispatch calls to small to large companies nationwide – After hours & during business hours

** Funeral Service Messages, Arrangements & Appointments

** Limousine & Transportation Service Dispatching

** We can dispatch calls or reservation bookings to you immediately upon your request.

** Forward your calls while you are on vacation

** We can simply send you an email or website reservation message for speedy services that will cover all major reservation booking details.

** We take restaurant food orders, merchandise or retail orders and relay all information to you immediately

** Forward your calls to us during busy rush hours or important meetings

** Dispatch truck driving routes or deliveries just in time!

** Dispatch Cancellation Orders or New Service Calls

** Forward your calls during special sports events & playoffs

** We offer an affordable monthly flat rate!  

** You can select a flexible billing cycle on the 1st or 15th of every month

** Forward your calls to our live operators while you’re away anytime!

** Operators Act as Representatives of your Business

** Accommodate any business industry type.

** Our professional speaking remote live operators are available 24/7 at your service!

** We never close!

Our statistics show we are among the best in the answering service industry.

Typical Customer Priorities:
Saving Time And Money 
Enhancing Their Image 
Achieving Objectives 
Increasing Revenue Profit 
Increasing Market Share 
Better Service & Support

Remote Live Answering Service provides answering service to all businesses across the USA. 

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and using the best call center operators to keep our customers satisfied. We work with you to customize a plan and to customize our service for each business.

Remote Live Answering Service is the best of the best; our many years in the answering service business have given us great wisdom in dealing with customers and call centers. We have all companies, regardless of size, budget, or what your business does, we are a company designed to aid your business in succeeding. 

We pride ourselves in being a company based upon providing business with the most affordable answering service; we give you the most for your money. 

We are a bare bone business, not fluff what you see is what you get, and what you get is a reliable company with great customer service whose main concern is helping your business grow.  Every business has the ability to customize how they want their calls to be answered. 

What you want the operator to say, what type of message you would like the operator to take, how much information from each caller should the operator take, perhaps you would like the operator to know a certain amount of information so they can answer general questions, the list goes on. 

Remote Live Answering Service is all about customizing each business is unique and therefore deserves a unique operating system. We offer the best operating system, the most economical pricing, and the best customer service.

Visualize How It Works

Business Phone Answering Services

A business phone answering service doesn’t have to make the process complex. We simply step in to answer your phones when your office can’t. From customized greetings to detailed note-taking and efficient customizable delivery options, we make the process simple.

When a customer dials your number it is routed to our trained answering service agents who answer the call in your business name. 


Our trained staff completes the customer call by logging all pertinent information. 


You can choose to have your message delivered however you want. 

Simply choose the option or options that best suit your business. 

Telephone / Voice Mail 
Cellular Text Message 
Skype, Yahoo & AIM Chat Messenger 
Online Web Calendar 
Direct Message Relay – Call you directly

Answering Service

Remote Live Answering Service is an answering service and call center that helps businesses grow by offering our skilled telephone operators to answer your phone calls when you are unavailable. Our answering service is available when you need us and we are sure to offer the right service plan to fit your business.

How We Can Benefit Your Business

An answering service is beneficial to businesses as the service can help keep costs down while helping to grow business by providing live access to a company staff member at any hour of the day. When you use an answering service, there is nothing to install and no new equipment to buy. Our answering service, like many other services, operates on the principle of call forwarding. When you want our service to answer your calls, simply forward your phones to us. 

Our service is a live phone answering service which means we are a live service – our operators always answer the phone after it rings with your customized greeting (unless you prefer an automated answer). How we answer the phone and process your messages are customized to meet the needs of your business. 

If you need our answering service to schedule appointments or want your messages delivered in real-time as they occur, we are able to customize your service to meet not your needs. You will never have to change your company to fit into our service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our live answering service & call center is able and here to assist your needs.

Why You Need An Answering Service?

No matter the size of your business, you will most likely not have enough time to answer each phone call, because it will not give you enough time to finish the necessary tasks to keep your business running. Now you are probably thinking if I do not answer the phone I am going to lose important business, yes you are. Just think though what is more important, answering every phone call or getting paperwork done so the business does not go under, the latter option is the correct answer. 

Therefore, you need an answering service so you can still take phone calls to keep important business and keep your company thriving. You need a live operator because anyone who calls your business and gets a voicemail will be put off and simply move onto one of your competitors, studies show this happens 75% of the time.

Answering Service & Inbound Call Center Services

Doctor, Physician, Surgeon, Medical Specialist Answering Service
Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counselor, Mental Health Professional Answering Service
Home Health Business, Hospice Nurse, Palliative Care Professional Answering Service
HVAC, Refrigeration, Duct Installer, Chimney Business Answering Service
General Contractor, Builder, Construction Firm Answering Service
Disaster Restoration Firm, Janitorial Company Answering Service
Plumber, Plumbing Supply Company Answering Service
Realtor, Real Estate Affiliated Business Answering Service
Apartment Complex, Property Management Firm Answering Service
E-Commerce Business, Internet Driven Business Answering Service
Association, Large Corporation, Organization, Hospital System Answering Service
Limousine Company, Taxi Business Answering Service
Funeral Home, Crematory, Cemetery, Mortician Answering Service
Locksmith, Lock Repair Specialists Answering Service
Elevator Repair Business, Emergency Elevator Service Answering Service
Gain New Business 

Open yourself for new business with an appointment scheduling service that never closes! Our clients have found this service to be very effective in beating competitors for new customers. Our operators can add any sales message you would like to include at the time of the appointment scheduling to highlight an upcoming seminar, new product introduction, or special offer. 

The best news is that our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have unlimited seating. Whether shared or dedicated, we will give you the coverage you need! 

Hours Available:

With our 24-hour live telephone answering services, we can provide you with after-hours emergency relay operators. Our skilled operators will handle all of your calls with the same care you and your customers deserve. With live answering services you will never miss a call again.

We provide peak time answering as well as caller overflow.  We are answering service experts. We provide live operator telephone answering service support to all businesses in all industries. We are available as a full time answering service receptionist or as an after-hours answering service or overflow service.

Appointment Confirmation: Our live answering service also provides appointment confirmation. We can help you save your business time and resources by allowing us to confirm reservations and appointments with your clients. With appointment confirmation, you get all the benefits of having a fully staffed office for a fraction of the cost. 

Messages Via the Internet: Your messages can be reported via the web so you can access them from anywhere. Another convenience for our clients to make the process easy and stress-free. 

Order Entry/Reservations: Our live answering services are here, around the clock, to take your orders and your reservations. Order Entry/Reservations allows your business to have all the benefits of staffing your office full time, for only a fraction of the cost. 

S.M.S. (Short Messaging Service to Mobile Phone):
Short Messaging Service (S.M.S.) to Mobile Phone will prevent you from ever losing a phone number again! We will text message your phone with your emergency calls. 

Fax Service: We can set up a fax service that will send a copy of all of your calls directly to your fax machine as they come in or at a specified time. 

Overflow (Peak Time Answering): With caller overflow, you will never miss a call again! If you are unable to answer your phone, our trained staff will answer for you. 

Data Capturing: Our data collection and data entry services can reduce the time you spend on laborious tasks freeing you up to focus on your core business efforts. High quality, efficient, and productive data services are all of the high emphasis with our data collection service team 

Mail Service:  
Our mail service can provide a one-stop center for sending and receiving mail for your business. (Additional Rate for postage)

Email Service
Need a copy of your messages sent to a group of your staff? We can forward all of your messages to as many e-mail addresses that you need. 

Virtual Receptionist: Never pay expensive overtime hours again. Our 24-hour telephone answering service is available at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees with benefits.

Call Center Services:  Everything from live web chat, catalog order taking, credit card processing, order entry, order tracking, up-sell, cross-sell, product answering, help desk services, high volume support, appointment setting, and total product fulfillment. 

Business Answering Service: Specialty Answering Service is dedicated to providing large and small businesses an excellent and affordable 24/7 live operator business answering service solution. Our business answering service can assist with sales, receptionist services, and customer service.

Outbound Call Center Services: Surveys, outbound telemarketing, customer service support, and ongoing or short term customer contact. Our outbound call center services are equipped to handle small business to enterprise-level outbound call campaigns.

It’s not just a question; it is our philosophy and the cornerstone of everything that we do. 

At Remote-Live Answering Service, we continually find innovative ways to help our clients make a profitable connection with their customers and other businesses through the latest technology. 

Get your messages up to the minute from customers and clients.
Eliminate 90% of your Appointments, Reservation Bookings, Customer Calls 

Let us handle your incoming calls off-site, and enjoy unrestricted access to your phone lines. Valuable phone lines are free to be used for inbound customer/patient questions or outbound follow-up calls. 

24-hour Operations Desk

Our dedicated Ops Desk monitors call flow, routing, and reporting with updates every 30 minutes. 

QA Team providing daily Quality Assurance scoring

QA provides daily scoring of agents for the tone of voice, speed to answer, and how instructions were followed.

Published performance statistics

We show you how we are doing each day so we can be accountable to being the best.

Quality, Quality, Quality. We work daily to get it right.

Many companies talk about quality, we monitor daily to ensure quality on the following metrics:

Positive Quality Interaction Score

We rate our teams on their success in producing a positive interaction.

The tone of voice – The tone of voice is subtle, but the details matter to convey sincerity and service. We coach for tone.

Professionalism, empathy, courtesy – We rate Associates on being professional, empathetic, and courteous.

Accuracy – Quality outputs depend on quality inputs, we score our team on accuracy as a key component of quality.

Followed account instructions – It is not always easy to juggle accounts, we do it best when instructions are clear and measured.

Grammar, punctuation, spelling are valued here. Nobody is perfect in these areas, but we work to minimize mistakes.

Requested complete information – Thoroughness gives the caller a great experience, we measure this to measure up.

Verification of information – Verification of details is worth the double-check.

Message Delivery – Answering the call is the first step, delivering for the caller is second. We measure for both.

 Did we make the caller smile? – The true quality experience leaves people happy. We measure for this mark.

Quality People are the essential ingredient to Quality Results.

Our Core Values – Our Core Values emphasize that the right people make all the difference. This is our first core value for a reason. We care a lot about who we pick.

Inhouse recruiters focus on finding the best – Our outputs are only as good as our inputs, so we believe recruitment is the best place to get quality right. 

A culture intent on keeping the best – We want to make work enjoyable. So top performers get the best options for flexible self-scheduling and work at home opportunities.

Feature-rich to grow your business, as we know that is key to growing ours.

Online account access – Compare our account access tools and see that we have invested heavily in bringing you into our systems. 

Web-Based Agent Desktop – With our web-based architecture we can integrate with your web-services which is an advantage over local applications.

WebChat for a multi-channel world – Your customers want service via phone, chat, email, and web. With web chat, our team can respond to your brand. 

Active Response for a quick response when opportunity knocks

We can respond on call, on web registration, on checkout, on email, on your digital cue.

We will manage your leads.

Adaptive Forms to script call logic with dynamic branching

Building scripts is both an art and science. We deliver complex branched results consistently.

Focused Teams set us apart when yours is not a one size fits all world.

Our Team Approach seems obvious

But it is uncommon as it requires scale, technology, routing, training, and specialists. A team focused on your industry outperforms generalists.

Team Marketing & Sales – Focuses on commerce, service, and small business. 

Team Medical – From doctor offices to health plans, to medical clinics, we focus on taking medical calls.

Team Legal – Yours is the business of law, we focus on delivering a high-quality legal front office experience.

Team Bilingual – Se Habla Español. We speak your customer’s language to answer customer calls.

Team Tech Support – If your business is technology, we are your answer. A focused team answering for technology companies.

Core values are critical to building a common vision.

We hope these values enable us to provide uncommon results. 

Here they are:
The right people make all the difference.
Quality trumps quantity.
Change is in our DNA.
Better systems win.
Think everywhere virtually.
Faster finishes first.
Reputation is the only currency.
Only sustainable models last.

Our Answering Service Pros are ready to answer calls any time, day or night.


Conveniently access your messages from a computer or mobile device.


All of the virtual services you need, without the added expenses.


Courteous, competent and cost-effective trained live operators.

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